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issa. 18 year old future actress and singer. lea michele and darren criss are my two favorite people on planet earth. currently obssesed with oitnb as well. my tracked tag: slipawaysosecretly 


glee + this show makes me laugh so hard sometimes

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Toronto International Film Festival 2014

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Favourite s5 performances: 05x15: Broadway Baby

Every Glee song ever 
Broadway Baby

toavoidreality replied to your post“THEY’RE HOLDING HANDS SABRINA!!!”
omg yes yes yes i saw! And now i’m again in this tag because now is addiction! and aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!
omg i know i’m so excited bc we’ll get blainchel scenes and duets and possibly rivals and i can’t breathe!!!


If I ever saw one of my celebrity crushes in real life I wouldn’t approach them. Instead I would pay a homeless man twenty bucks to punch me in the face in front of them. Because based on all of the fanfiction I have read they would then rush to my aid and then invite me back to their apartment to get an ice pack and then I say something cute and witty that makes them want to kiss me and then we fall in love and get married.